From: Yee Chee Leong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Spring Trekking @ Langtang National Park

 Langtang-Gosainkunda-Helambu from May till June 2010 (with Group)

 Pokhara-Sarangkot-Nagarkot Visits & Walks in June 2010

Namaste! It's a pleasure to know you here and wish you a great and pleasant day :) It was my 3rd visit to Nepal. Did trekking around Annapurna and Tilicho Lake in 2006 (before I engage Pasang), and my first time in 2003 was for charity purposes. Having to spend about 19 days with my group of 7, led by Pasang, his assistant guide and porters, as well as extending my holidays of another 9 days alone with Pasang, I took this opportunity to share with you of my views, feedbacks and evaluations of the trekking services provided by my fellow trusted guide here :)

Let's see. Where shall I begin... It was by chance I stumbled on Pasang's website or have known him few years ago, and through Facebook that I gained confidence, trust and believe in cooperative trekking organizer service, which results to our liaison when I planned for my Langtang trip 6 months ago before I assembled my team to embark for our journey. Surprisingly, I felt very comfortable arranging my holiday with Pasang given his friendly and humble Sherpa qualities at first. He also gives good affordable pricing with standard trekking package services, which also includes value added and goodwill arrangements/additional provision on trek that I appreciates the most!

So I must say, I'm very satisfied with him and his fellow porters and assistant for which my group and I have so far enjoyed their hospitality and companionship. He speaks good English and can almost converse with any locals or anyone easily (in Nepali, Tibetan or Sherpa), and he is like a walking Lonely Planet for us most of the time :P Haha... Easy going, talkative and always smiling, he will make sure everyone is taken care of or get the chance to speak or interact with. Most importantly, he recognizes that all tourist under his custodian have also a job back home in which they also work hard to earn for a living, and to be able to save the money to come to Nepal for adventures and holidays, is a privilege for him to ensure their safety, comforts and satisfaction. Hence, I respect him for that because it's really nice to know that your guide cares and understands.

During our trek, our lodging and food are usually prepared properly so we can have comfy beds for a good night sleep and tasty meals and drinks (I love the Tibetan bread and Tibetan salty tea!) whenever possible. When some of us are losing our appetites, Pasang would take some initiative to cook in the kitchen for a wonderful porridge dish :P On the trail, we can take our own pace and time for photography while he waits patiently as long as it takes. He also have a few photography tricks that comes in handy when he teaches us how to snap snow mountain photos or show us where the elusive rock bee nests were hidden. When he spots some wildlife, we will be asked to walk discreetly so he can points us to those langurs, pikas or birds in the forest. What's more rewarding during spring was the abundant organic and natural strawberries and raspberries he harvested a bit for us (on some trails) to quench our thirst when we need fresh fruity flavored juice down our throat! Walking with Pasang is just fun, exciting and interesting :)

You will learn about cultures and Buddhism relics from him as he shows you along the trails. Sometimes, he shares one or two stories and cultural beliefs, which maybe simple but spurs our curiosity to ask why. Just for example, he told me that Nepali sometimes hang a plastic bag with water in the middle of the window, and that's to make sure the flies don't enter the home. Fascinating! About Tibetan customs and traditions, he would be happy to share them as long as we keep asking :P He respects all religions, pays tribute and homage as deemed appropriate and offers a helping hand to the villagers when they needs it. At Gosainkunda teahouse, when the old man (owner) accidentally hurts his hand while he chops off the woods so we can have warmth in the house, Pasang quickly helped him out, gave him some cream to apply and was very concern. That's really nice and kind. I think we should be helpful to others so we gain achieve good karmas, as the Buddhist practices.

Safety is no 1 to Pasang, as he always make sure the group sticks in close distant with one another. Well, sometimes I wondered why we have frequent stopovers, only to realize of his concerns for the rest of the group. Once my friend was not feeling very well, and he offers warm clothing and helps by carrying the day pack to relieve the exhaustion. He also uses his phone, capable of satellite communication to checks for important news in Kathmandu or to pre-arrange transport in advance or forward planning for any contigencies if they happens. He would give some advice and suggestions for negotiations if the trekking itinerary needs to be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances. I see him being versatile and approachable for anything we need during our trek. By the way, he don't drink or smoke, and that's being ethical as a professional trekking guide :P

Other qualities which makes him a good guide after a fruitful adventure trip together is his love for kids and children. My most memorable moments in Langtang was when both of us and some friends of mine piggy-back the young ones and we dance happily outside the snow fields. We also had a brief snow ball fight and game as we soaked ourself with ice flakes, as we laughs and enjoyed throwing them against one another! Hahaha...sometimes, Pasang would tease a baby and babytalk too, like when he does that to his baby girl at home :P Playful and a loving father, we all live our childhood memories before and it will always be within us. So, to mingle with the kids or local villagers, get Pasang to make the first move.

Hmm... it was a memorable trip with Pasang and the best part is always because he can and is capable to make good decisions for the benefits of my group or any of his guests, and willing to listen when we have something to say. Getting to know Pasang more after my Langtang trip motivates me to make another return trip to Nepal again in the near future. So if I do so, he will make a great trekking guide for my journey for sure! :) Big thanks, Pasang. Good job and please keep it up. Last but not least, nobody's perfect, and he sure needs our supports and feedbacks to be the best.

I hope you will find him good and best for your Nepal trekking adventure needs. If I can be of any help, or you wish to clarify any details, kindly contact me at my email and I'll tell you more about Pasang or my trip planning and arrangements.

"With my feedbacks here, I suppose Pasang would have to live up to them and continue to deliver good quality services to all!"

Warmest regards,

Chee Leong

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11:01 PM 12/07/2010