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Reference: Pasang Dendi Sherpa

To Whom It May Concern

I was fortunate enough to have Dendi recommended to me by my brother. As a result I contacted him to organize a trek around Annapurna, including the ascent and base camp organization of Chulu East en route.

On arrival in Kathmandu, Dendi greeted us at the airport, it was soon clear to what great efforts he had made on our behalf to create a smooth running trip.

Dendi has a great deal of honor and is true to his word. Our only contact beforehand had been via e-mail. Everything he said he would do was done such as obtaining visas and permits. This made the start of our trip free of problems.

The Sherpas have a worldwide reputation as being honest, friendly and hardworking. Dendi is all of these and an absolute credit to his people. His knowledge of Nepal d its culture enriched the trip greatly for us, as well as his open manner and sense of humor.

Dendi worked hard for us and can think of no other who could have done better. He was vigilant of the food we ate and our well being wherever we stayed. You can trust him completely and will count his as a good friend at the end of it.

If you should wish further details of Dendi about any of the above issues please contact me at.


Dendi is an absolutely fantastic guide! Use him!
DAVID BREWER January 2004.