Letter of Recommendation

Pasang Dendi Sherpa was our porter/guide from 13 of March 2002 to 29 of March 2002 our trek in Nepal.  We flew from Pokhara to Jomsom and from there we trekked up to Muktinath back down the Kali Gandaki Valley up to Gorapani, further on to Ghandruk and Chhomrong then back to Pokhara.

Dendi knew the area pretty well. He knew the shortcuts and he had a great deal of knowledge of the people and the nature along the trek.

He carried our rather heavy load of 27.5 kg luggage and in spite of that he always paid good attention to us ‘middle aged people’, was very helpful when we have to cross more difficult passages and frequently he asked us about our well-being. And when one of us got problems with the altitude. Dendi did a good head-massage and help in many ways. And he could pack a rucksack, when we have given up.

He participated on some rather rough ‘climbing’ up the slopes with us in to order to see some species of pheasant and brought us safe back down to the lodge. (We saw only one pheasant but Dendi was not to blame for this).

Dendi was always in a good mood and eager to tell about the area and to discuss political and other issues. And he was not afraid of playing cards with nearly everybody when we have reached our daily destination and a long evening was lying ahead of us.

So to put in a more short way: we can highly recommend Pasang Dendi Sherpa as a porter/guide to anybody who wants to go trekking in the mountains of Nepal.

Sten Sogaard

Lise Nortved Pedersen

Orvej 28 3140 Als  Garde